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Project Officer – Communication

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​Background: The BEST-Dialogue Fund (BEST-D) is a grant making project that supports private sector membership organizations (PSO) with the resources required to effectively influence government policy in the ambition to help improve the ease of doing business in Tanzania.

The Fund operates on four output areas: it supports PSOs with grants for business environment research and secondly it provides access to capacity development in advocacy and dialogue approaches. Thirdly it supports cooperation with communication specialists and as a fourth output area, the Fund promotes knowledge management activities, ensuring the capturing of lesson learning and best practice. All grant support comes combined with extensive coaching support by the Fund’s management team and its partners, notably in how to meet standards in advocacy and public-private dialogue, and how to effectively network in the promotion of economic governance reforms.

Initially the Fund was embedded in a much larger multi-donor programme, the Business Environment Strengthening of Tanzania, which was launched in 2004. BEST was to drive the process of systemic change from a centrally lead plan economy to a well-regulated market economy, under the lead of the Prime Minister’s Office. In this programme the BEST Fund featured as the fifth and only independent component targeting the organized private sector to provide advisory inputs in that larger ambition of economic governance reform. In 2009 the BEST programme was phased out as results did not meet expectations, but the BEST Fund continued its activities as the public-private dialogue component in DANIDA’s Business Sector Programme Support (BSPS), up to this day.

The Fund is governed by an independent Steering Committee and operates as a project under agreement between the governments of Tanzania and Denmark managed by COWI. In 2017 the EU decided to join the basket fund, initially through DANIDA, with the option of a future continuation in a yet to be developed EU supported business environment programme for Tanzania (2020 onwards).

Purpose of the job: The purpose of the job is threefold: (1) the officer ensures that grantees apply effective communication strategies throughout the advocacy process resulting in a good collaboration among the PSOs, Government and media; (2) the officer is responsible for effective communication on the achievements of BEST-D and grantees to increase the profile of both BEST-D and the organizations we work with; and (3) the officer manages the effective use of resources for services delivered to BEST-D by experts in the field of media production, media training and coaching as well as services for updating the BEST-D website  and editing  and producing reports and brochures.

Main tasks per key result areas:

Ensuring that PSOs apply effective communication strategies for BEST-D funded projects

Support PSOs in developing effective communication strategies and in the budgeting for communication activities throughout the advocacy process

  • Guide the PSOs in how to acquire and manage the services of communication experts
  • Link the PSOs to relevant communication agencies and media houses, providing guidance and information to media practitioners and ensuring draft articles are reviewed and commented
  • Review the communication impact together with the PSOs and the other BEST-D project officers
  • Reflect on and recommend adjustment of communication approaches when and where needed
  • Review the use of funds in relation to the impact made, on a quarterly basis

Ensuring third party communication experts deliver value for money and in time

  • Prepare the Terms of Reference for media production and media training services
  • Select the best provider together with management
  • Prepare and manage the contract execution including quality and timely delivery of agreed results by the suppliers
  • Monitor progress of third party training, coaching and mentoring activities

Increasing the knowledge of media houses and media practitioners on producing fact based and interesting articles and/or radio programs about the Investment Climate and Business Environment

Increase the number of community radio reporters with capacity in independent fact-based and interesting reporting about the Business Enabling Environment through:

  • Regularly review the progress in skills development of junior journalists that receive training and that are mentored by selected senior journalists
  • Monitor and promote growing collaboration among the members of the Community Radio Networks and between local media, PSOs/Chambers and Local Government Agencies
  • Maintain records of the radio programs on business environment produced by community radios, including the interaction with their respective audiences on topics aired (e.g. sms and call-in response; use of social media)
  • Support community radio station networks in improving their business model and sustainability

Increasing the profile of both grantees and the BEST-Dialogue Fund

  • Support capacity enhancement of PSOs in developing and applying communication strategies, in making use of public media, by effective networking and thus enhancing their membership base
  • Collaborate in the design of effective knowledge sharing meetings of grantees and partners
  • Manage and review the production and publication/dissemination of impactful stories describing  the results achieved by PSOs through BEST-D support
  • Manage the increase of the number of visitors to the BEST-D website and the maintenance of it with relevant information
  • Ensure all BEST-D supported publications are disseminated through the BEST-D Digital Information Hub, managed in collaboration with UDSM-UDBS
  • Manage the production of communication assets such as flyers, fact sheets, policy briefs, the BEST-D Brochure and the BEST-D Annual Reports.

Supporting the BEST-D management team

  • Participate in BEST-D team meetings to provide progress of supported projects, discuss possible amendments or suggestions with the team and align planned approaches and activities
  • Maintain the BEST-D archive in the domain of communications at large
  • Provide input to the quarterly and annual reports for the BEST-D Steering Committee and the supporting donor group
  • Manage the production process of reports commissioned directly by the BEST-D Fund
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues, partners and private sector players on special assignments that serve to enhance the effectiveness and outcome of BEST-D

Qualifications: First degree in Mass Communication or Public Relations and a postgraduate qualification in marketing or communication-related field.

Work experience:

  • Worked for more than 4 years in a reputable organization
  • Worked for or in the Private Sector
  • Developed and implemented communication and impact monitoring strategies
  • Applied successful stakeholder management practices
  • Trained others in applying communication best practices
  • Understand the dimensions of public-private dialogue and advocacy for policy influencing


  • Good communication and writing skills
  • Excellent networker and team player
  • Result oriented
  • Takes initiative to start and manage assignments
  • Computer literate in common office software
  • Experience with web design and/or data management software is an advantage
  • Fluent in English and Kiswahili

Setting: The Communication Officer will work in a small team of 10 colleagues, 5 of which are Project Officers, and with an extended group of associates, partners and service providers. The duty station is Dar es Salaam, Masaki, and the position requires a limited amount of upcountry travel. The position is open as per January 2018.

Deadline: 18 January, 2018 at 4 pm EAT.