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COWI assists in strengthening municipalities in Mozambique

Photo: COWI

​Recently, COWI won a large project on municipal development in Mozambique for Denmark’s development cooperation, Danida. The project is worth DKK 80 million.

The programme for municipal development in North and Central Mozambique, PRODEM, will play a crucial role in the reduction of urban poverty and the sustainable development of the municipalities. Senior Consultant Rui de Nazaré Ribeiro at COWI Mozambique elaborates on the point. 

"By improving the way waste is managed in the slums as well as reducing the risk of floods and other climate change impacts along the coastline, we will improve the quality of life for people in these areas," Ribeiro says. 

The programme involves 26 municipalities in the region and the goal is to strengthen the municipalities' collaboration with the citizens, boost the economy in the municipalities and to enhance decentralisation. According to Project Coordinator Lars Peter Lopez Christensen, decentralisation is key to achieving the goals. 

"It is difficult to make a one-size-fits-all model for all 26 municipalities, as they vary in size. By strengthening decentralisation, each municipality will be able to prioritize its services based on local context," Christensen says. 

The competition between bidders was fierce. All major consulting companies with Danida experience participated in the tender, and COWI won thanks to four key elements: 

  • ​A high-calibre project management team with extensive Mozambique experience.
  • Enhanced programme delivery through unique local presence and networks in Mozambique.
  • An approach that emphasises citizen participation and sustainability of capacity development.
  • An approach that tackles the project from a range of angles by taking waste management, climate-change effects and the financial perspective into consideration. 
Danida chose COWI as partner on the project, not least because COWI’s local anchorage in the country goes back more than 25 years, and because of its pool of local experts. The project team consists of 26 persons, 20 of whom are local consultants.  

LAST UPDATED: 02.06.2016