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Planning Ghana's future infrastructure

Photo: COWI

The West African country has initiated the formulation of a national spatial development framework. South Africa is the only other African country to have completed such work.

​In order to obtain efficient integrated natural resources management and modern infrastructure, Ghana has initiated a major spatial development framework project, aiming to establish a nationwide infrastructure strategy covering the next 20 years.

As the experts chosen to formulate the framework of the ambitious national project, COWI is in a position to achieve invaluable insight into Ghana's infrastructure needs and ensure an optimal spatial distribution.
“This is an important and exciting project in many ways. It will imply a balanced and equitable spatial and population distribution in Ghana, allocating land to specific use based on the most optimal conditions to increase efficiency in natural resource management, transport infrastructure, and many other areas of daily life in Ghana,” says Project Manager Taoufik Choukri from Surveying and Land Administration.

National expertise

COWI has worked with spatial planning projects in Ghana since 2007 and has a strong stakeholder network in the country. Drawing on the experience from previous projects carried out at national as well as regional and district levels, COWI will now provide consultancy to all key stakeholders on how to improve local infrastructure. The aim is to ensure sustainable economic development and exploit current resources in the best way possible.
COWI's work will, amongst other, lead to spatial analysis population forecasts and statistical overviews; These analytical tools are developed to accommodate future population growth and create employment opportunities in a sound and healthy natural environment sustaining a thriving socio-economic development.
“In general, the need for planning in African countries is growing, which furthermore makes this project a great springboard for us our ambition to carry out similar projects elsewhere on the continent in the long term,” says Choukri.

LAST UPDATED: 04.10.2017