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Tanzania's president cuts the tape to launch new, important water treatment plant

Photo: COWI
Contented state leaders, with the President in the middle cutting the tape to inaugurate the new water treatment plant.
Tanzania's president himself this week inaugurated a new water treatment plant in the Igunga district, praising the project's high quality and advising the operators to use the plant sustainably.

It is not every day that a country's president shows up in person to inaugurate a completed project. Is the project particularly interesting or important for the area in question, however, there is a chance it might happen.

This was the case with the newly constructed water treatment plant (WTP) in Bulenya Hills in Igunga Township, Tabora Region, in central Tanzania, when the President of the United Republic of Tanzania himself, Dr Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, this week cut the tape in front of snapping photographers, smiling project managers and proud engineers. Cabinet ministers within finance, water and works, along with other government portfolios, furthermore flanked Mr. Kikwete at the event.

Clean water to more than 30,000 people

The new water treatment plant is of great importance as it will supply a total of more than 30,000 people in the area with clean water in future.

COWI Tanzania has designed the plant and supervised the local contractor in order to attain the high standard of the water produced. The latter was commented on by the President, who applauded the quality works done and advised the operators and beneficiaries to use the plant sustainably, as water is life for every living.

Supply of treated water a remedying option

The project comprises of the gravity mains from the neighboring water dam including flocculation, sedimentation and filter chambers on the water treatment side. The pumping facility supplies water from a clear water tank of 500M3 to two tanks with capacity of 500M3, each constructed at an elevated level at Bulenya Hills. The treated water is distributed by gravity to the town population of about 24,000, 19 km from the dam.

The two tanks elevated to Bulenya Hills also supply treated water to three villages with a population of about 8,000, 40 km away. Supply of underground water was impossible from here due to the presence of fluorine substances in the drilled underground waters. The supply of treated water to these communities has come as a remedying option to unhealthy underground water supply.

The WTP is operating as per design and gives quality results of water within WHO quality standards.


LAST UPDATED: 28.11.2016