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Geographical Information and IT

Photo: COWI A/S
COWI is one of the ten leading mapping companies in the world, and we have international experience in providing services within surveying, mapping, geographical information, 3D city models, IT solutions and land registry.

Take a tour of select projects which COWI is carrying out or has completed in Africa within the field of geographical information and IT.

Also visit COWI's international website and read about more international projects within geographical information and IT.

Photo: COWI
A mapping project in northern Namibia literally took COWI to new heights with aerial photos being taken from an altitude of nearly 9000 metres in...
Photo: COWI
As part of the modernisation of Lesotho, the population of Lesotho will in near future gain property rights of their own land. COWI is participat...

LAST UPDATED: 03.07.2017