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Industry and energy

Oil and gas - Nybro 
 Photo: COWI.
COWI is involved in a number of industry and energy-related projects around the world. Read about some of our projects in Africa.

On an international level, COWI is involved in projects dealing with data centres, food plant design, pharma and biotech, manufacturing in the industry, industrial cooling design, 3D process plant design, IT and automation, electrical power supply, oil and gas, district heating and cooling, wind energy, energy production from biomass and waste, renewable energy, energy planning, climate change, energy-efficiency in buildings and industries, SmartGrid as well as combined heat and power.

Read about more international projects within industry and energy on COWI's international website.

Photo: COWI
The first large-scale wind farm – the Zafarana wind farm – was built in Egypt in 2000-2008. Since then, the wind farm has been extended – both in...
Photo: COWI
Crude oil from wells in the Libyan desert is pumped to the Azzawiya Refinery located at the Mediterranean Coast. Refined products are exported th...
Photo: COWI
COWI has provided technical assistance to the Gobabeb Training and Research Centre, w...

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