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Evaluation and impact assessment

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In COWI we see evaluation and impact assessment as a tool to make the best use of society's resources.

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Our evaluations contribute to improving public service by measuring the effect of programmes, relating the effects to the resources used and comparing similar programmes.

Involving our customers and stakeholders in the evaluation process is a prerequisite for change, making the process the catalyst for positive change.

COWI conducts evaluations related to aid programmes for national donors, international organisations such as the World Bank, the UN or the EU or relief organisations such as the Red Cross.

Assistance evaluation

In Africa COWI is developing projects in Ghana, Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda in areas such as evaluation of development assistance, impact assessment and monitoring and evaluation of programmes, projects and sectors.


Evaluations may be an area of conflict as a programme becomes the object of assessment. COWI has very strict evaluation ethics, respecting the rules of anonymity, confidentiality and consent.

Project examples

Using innovative methods of data collection, COWI and a local consultancy firm carried out an impact assessment of the second phase of a community-based water and sanitation project in Ghana, measuring changes in quality of life, health and hygiene.

In Mozambique, COWI evaluated a UNICEF programme analysing its relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and impact. The aim of the programme was to increase access to basic services for orphans and vulnerable children and to decrease the burden on families and communities.

In Kenya, COWI carried out a technical review of the existing Business Advocacy Fund (BAF) with the objective of providing a performance assessment.

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