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Organisational development and social studies

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COWI has a great wish to contribute to the development and improvement of society
In COWI we respect diversity and focus on goals. COWI has considerable expertise and experience with strengthening government and civil society structures.

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COWI uses state-of-the-art methods for data collection to form the basis of our organisational development and social analyses.
This includes internet-based questionnaires, social media and process-oriented tools.

Improving society

COWI has a great wish to contribute to the development and improvement of society. For many years, we have worked closely with local and national authorities. This has given us a solid platform for providing our customers with bases for decision-making and applicable solutions.

Social development and governance

COWI in Africa has a strong team of experts working in social development and research projects with a focus on poverty analyses in rural and urban areas, health and HIV/AIDS, gender and violence, transport, water resources, rural electrification as well as agriculture and food security.

We also develop activities in governance - particularly with regards to decentralisation, provision of public services and its interaction with citizens both in urban and rural areas.

In Mozambique, for example, COWI is implementing a five-year programme to improve governance and accountability for ordinary Mozambican citizens through strengthening and diversifying the engagement of Mozambican civil society organisations in monitoring governance.

LAST UPDATED: 01.04.2016