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Public transport and ITS

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In rural areas, the most cost-effective public transportation solution might be ordinary bus lines or dial-a-ride services
COWI is a leading consultant within planning and operation of public transport and intelligent transport systems.

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COWI has a strong tradition for developing and planning state-of-the-art passenger-friendly and efficient public transport.

We offer consultancy on assessment and operation of ITS technology and standards, including planning, specification, supervision, testing and evaluation of ITS solutions.

Efficient public transport

With more than 30 years of experience with public transport planning, COWI has a broad span of tools to provide efficient and high-quality transport services.

Our wide knowledge of transport planning, operation, economics, urban and environmental planning, politics and communication ensures solid consultancy from the onset of a planning process until the transport system has been implemented.

Urban public transport

We help provide competitive public transport in urban areas by combining the best qualities of private cars with the best features of public transport.

Passengers require short travel times, direct lines, simplicity and high frequency. 

Flexibility in rural areas

Because the population in rural areas is spread out, it is difficult to provide cost-efficient public transport with mobility for everyone.

Solutions vary from ordinary bus lines to dial-a-ride services and other flexible transport systems.

LAST UPDATED: 01.04.2016