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Geographical Information and IT

Photo: COWI
COWI is one of the ten leading mapping companies in the world, and we have important international experience in providing services within surveying, mapping, geographical information, 3D city models, IT solutions and land information systems.

In the African region, we have mapped more than 143,000 square kilometres of Namibia, developed land information systems for governmental institutions in Ghana and also used our newest mobile mapping technology for a road project in Uganda.

With the newest technology within aerial sensor systems and mobile mapping systems combined with our highly specialised knowledge within surveying, institutional building and IT-development, we are prepared to support COWI's engineering activitites in the African region.    

Mapping in Africa

For many years COWI's fleet of aircraft has flown over several countries and mapped thousands of square kilometres for the production of digital orthophotos, digital terrain models and 2D vector maps.

Recently, our mapping specialist knowledge was used for projects in Mozambique and Namibia where we mapped thousands of square kilometres for the production of digital orthophotos and digital terrain models. 

Cadastre and land administration

We assist governments and donors with the development of the legal and institutional framework in relation to major land reform projects as well as large infrastructure and utility projects.
We have guided several CEE countries in their transition to market economy and supported the implementation of various cadastre and land registration projects in Africa.


LAST UPDATED: 03.07.2017