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Industry and Energy

Photo: COWI
Within renewable energy, energy efficiency, cooling techniques and oil and gas, COWI focuses on specialist services for the entire project cycle.

Through integration of technologies, energy efficiency and energy planning we are focused on finding optimised solutions for power generation with low emission of green house gasses and efficient use of energy within the private and industrial sectors.


Modern life depends on a reliable energy supply, and a transformation towards a sustainable energy supply has begun. COWI specialises in design and implementation of energy concepts that meet this requirement.

We are leaders in the fields of energy planning and master planning as well as distribution of heating, cooling and electricity. The solutions are combined with smart grid in order to optimise utilisation of the available power resources.

We focus on the need for energy savings and energy efficiency solutions and provide new energy efficient techniques for optimum utilisation of conventional as well and new and renewable energy resources.

COWI is leading consultants within the field of energy production by renewable energy technologies. Our expertise in wind energy is based on more than 30 years of work world wide and a large number of projects on the African continent. The use of biomass for combined heat and power production and development of sustainable biofuels are also among our specialist areas.


COWI has international experience in a wide variety of industrial business areas, including data centres, the food and beverage industry, pharmaceuticals and biotechnologies, windmills, chemicals and minerals, wood, iron and metals and manufacturing in general.
Our consultancy comprises financial, technical and quality management in close co-operation with our customers.

We offer services to the industry related to products, production, logistics, organisation, information technology and industrial facilities and operations.

We have about 250 members of staff working with industry-related consultancy and a well-established network of external specialists.

Oil and gas

COWI offers specialist and multidisciplinary services to the oil, gas and energy industry from process and climate solutions to engineering of onshore and offshore facilities.

Operators and utility companies need diversified energy solutions that are reliable and cost effective with due consideration to the climate. We are able to provide these energy solutions through a range of differentiated engineering and design solutions that enhance customer value creation.

LAST UPDATED: 03.07.2017