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COWI has carried out more than 600 airport projects worldwide and employs a large number of specialists within the different fields of airport planning, design and operation.

COWI provides the following airport-related services:

  • Aviation and transport planning programme management, airport buildings and passenger terminals
  • Terminal installations, electrical, mechanical and IT systems
  • Sustainability, environment, occupational health and safety
    Airport planning
  • Civil engineering and other supporting technical services
    Operations and maintenance
  • Airfield installations.

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Airport planning and buildings

COWI's vast experience in airport planning is gained from projects spanning from major international airports with the largest aircraft to small domestic airports. COWI masters state-of-art engineering of passenger terminal buildings, air traffic control towers and other airport buildings.

Programme management

Securing the quality, cost and schedule of a major development programme is a competence obtained from a number of large international infrastructure programmes. Especially in the dynamic aviation sector an ongoing cross disciplinary optimisation through out the programme will add value to the customer.

Civil engineering

Civil engineering is one of the key elements of our involvement in airport projects. Our pavement engineers have developed unique recycling concepts for both concrete and asphalt.

LAST UPDATED: 25.11.2016