Roads and highways

Photo: COWI
Road engineering is a complex discipline, in which road safety, environmental and socio economic issues are as important as design and supervision of construction.

COWI, with our customers, develop optimal solutions based on our extensive worldwide experience of road projects, gained over a period of more than 50 years in Africa.

Services provided

COWI has a long history in road design, construction and maintenance which ranges from labour-based rural feeder roads to multi-lane motorways with grade-separated interchanges, tunnels, bridges and advanced traffic information technology.

COWI can provide services in:

  • Roads, highways and motorways 
  • Feeder and access roads 
  • Urban roads 
  • Road facilities 
  • Electrical installations for roads, street lighting and communication systems 
  • Traffic terminals 
  • Pavements 
  • Environment aspects of road design, occupational health and safety requirements

In Africa, COWI has worked on roads projects in the majority of the continent.

Our road team is supported by other COWI services including transport planning and engineering, bridges, tunnels, drainage, survey including GIS, environmental and social sciences and economics.

COWI's specialist design teams provide technically sound solutions, which are economically feasible.


LAST UPDATED: 25.11.2016