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Solid waste management

Photo: COWI
COWI provides waste management solutions for the handling, treatment and disposal of municipal waste, including waste-to-energy.

In all societies throughout the world waste is generated through human activity - either at home or in the workplace. Waste, which is not properly handled and disposed of, will have adverse effects on the environment and on human health.

COWI provides overall solutions that ensure quality and sustainability in the handling and disposal of municipal waste and other types of waste.

Sustainable waste management

We have more than 30 years of experience in developing sustainable and cost-effective solutions for the handling, treatment and disposal of waste, including waste-to-energy solutions. 

Multidisciplinary teams

Whenever required, work is carried out in multidisciplinary project groups consisting of engineers, institutional experts, economists, chemists, biologists, sociologists, geologists, hydro-geologists and environmental lawyers.

Our services include:

  • Integrated waste management strategies and planning 
  • Waste collection and handling 
  • Waste treatment and waste-to-energy 
  • Land filling of waste 
  • Hazardous and health care waste management

LAST UPDATED: 01.04.2016