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Our consultants within engineering, environment and water

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Yara Barreto has a MSc on Environmental Management and Audit a licenciate degree on Environmental Engineering. Yara has over 10 years of professional experience on Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) in Southern Africa. She has an extensive experience as a manager and quality controller of projects involving Environmental and Social Studies, Environmental and Social Management Plans and related specialized studies; environmental audits and inspections. She has worked for 03 years in the extractive industry as head of the environmental department. She is quite familiar with the standards of ISO 14001, OSHA and NEBOSH.
Vanda Machava has a degree in Biological Sciences and is finalizing the Master in Aquatic Biology and Coastal Ecosystems. The consultant has five years of experience in projects coordination, team leadership, fieldwork, laboratory analysis, preparation and quality control of reports. During her career, she provided consulting services on projects related to environmental monitoring of impacts caused by dredging activity's in Maputo Bay, the transhipment of coal in Sofala Bay and also environmental monitoring of the construction of the port terminal and rail way in Nacala, environmental studies, environmental audits, environmental management plans with with special emphasis for the biotic component, characterization, identification of potential impacts and mitigation measures. She also has experience in studies related to fisheries, having carried out a comparative study of shrimp by-catch caught in the artisanal and semi-industrial in Maputo Bay, the results of this study were subsequently presented at two international conferences that took place in Maputo and Mombasa (Kenya). She is familiarized with NEBOSH standards.
Isa Telles is the Coordinator of Water and Sanitation Specialized Services in COWI Mozambique. She is a senior Civil Engineer specialised in hydraulics and with an additional training in small dams, with more than 30 years of experience of working in SADC countries, in water related projects mostly in water resources projects and climate resilient infrastructures development for livelihood.
Since 2013 she is being involved in developing projects for Climate Resilient Infrastructure Development Facility programme in Mozambique and neighbouring countries, as project director and activity leader. Isa Telles acted as activity lead for the Technical Assistance to ARA Centro in Mozambique (15 months), was project director for Chibabava water scheme project in central area of Mozambique and was part of the teams for the Flood Modelling and Vulnerability Assessment of Lower Incomati Smallholders Development and the Okacom Engagement including Visioning Workshops Facilitation, projects developed in Mozambique and Angola respectively.
Her involvement, along her career, in various multidisciplinary projects brings a strong track record of delivering projects in infrastructure and climate resilience in Africa due to her broad understanding of the different aspects of human development, socio-economic water related issues, and strong knowledge and insight of the main questions in rural and urban settings, both at the central, provincial and municipal levels.
​​Rui Brito has 21 years of professional experience, with a BSc in Engineering and a MSc in Transports, having specialized in leadership and coordination as Project Manager of Design Projects, Technical Assistance, Supervision and Commissioning of Road, Rail and Hydraulic Infrastructures Projects. Has Head of Infrastructure Department at the Portuguese company TECNOFISIL - TYPSA Group, 1999-2013, he coordinated Public, Private and PPP Projects in Road, Rail and Hydraulic Infrastructures, including the management of internal and external multidisciplinary teams. In Africa, he participates in several contracts, settling and managing TECNOFISIL’s representations in Libya (2009-2011), Mozambique (2011-2013) and Malawi (2013-2014).
Mildon Binguanhane has Honours Degree in Geography. He holds over 4 years of professional experience as a specialist in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). He has experience in the preparation of thematic maps that consist of location and physical characterization of Natural study areas, Reading and Interpretation of aerial photos and topographic maps integrated into GIS. Mildon has extensive experience in mapping forest areas through dendrometric data collection, and collection of Laboratory Samples for analysis of Surface water, Underground, Air, and Noise. During his career, he has further held several jobs of Environmental Components Mappings for implementing REDD + Projects. He has been supporting decision making for large engineering projects (dams and reservoirs, water and energy supply systems), mining projects, and both environmental and socio-economic studies by giving advices and recommendations based on the use of data manipulation, and GIS techniques to produce thematic maps. Additionally he has experience as a coordinator fieldwork and supervising field teams.
Danilo Marrocane gives assistance, and provides ongoing support for associate consultants, in various projects. He has been particularly involved in preparing and organizing various seminars, conferences, proposals, data collection and socio-economic studies, and conducting qualitative and quantitative interviews in rural and urban areas.

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