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Our consultants within social and economic studies

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Rachi Picardo is a Social Scientist with a Master degree in social policies for sustainable development and honours degree in public administration. He has more than ten years of experience in social data analysis with focus on qualitative, quantitative and participatory methodologies in the area of governance and project management. Currently he is the Head of the SES Department being the manager of about 20 consultants. In this capacity ensures the quality of the projects as well as the enforcement of the company's strategy.
​​Ilundi Cabral is an Anthropologist and specialized in gender and migration, with eight years of experience in work at community level in the areas of public consultation and research using participatory methodologies. She is currently working as a researcher, participating in social impact assessment studies, including resettlement within the water and mining sectors. Ms. Cabral has furthermore experience in the preparation and evaluation of national strategies in different sectors of development.
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Sheila Faquir is a Social and Public Health researcher, with nearly 10 years’ experience in conducting social research in the areas of health, HIV/AIDS, gender, water and sanitation, poverty and education. Ms. Faquir has profound experience in coordinating and managing projects, evaluation of programs, team leadership, implementation of institutional monitoring and evaluation instruments and national strategic plans, data analysis, and reporting.

Gil Vilanculos has a bachelor degree in Communication Sciences, with more than 15 years of experience in the area of information services, internal and external communication, and development and management of projects. His experience includes working with NGO networks nationwide on the production and management of IEC material for HVI/AIDS and Development Projects. He also has experience in marketing and management of social responsibility projects for the private sector and NGOs.

Erasmo Nhachungue is an Architect and Physical Planner and its main areas of expertise are environmental and urban development. His experience includes research, policies formulation, urban and territorial planning at municipal, district, provincial and central levels. He participated in the elaboration of territorial management instruments, as well as of the instruments for the environment monitoring.

Manuel Cossa has a degree in Public Administration from the Eduardo Mondlane University in Mozambique. He has longstanding experience in supervision and coordination of field work, coordinating social research of both quantitative and qualitative, at local and regional level. He has been involved in different projects related to areas such as health, education, governance and resettlement. Mr Cossa has managed projects and participated in the design of Reports.

Isabel Costa has a degree in Psychology and is a social researcher in the area of Marketing and Socio Economic studies. She has 10 years of experience in conducting research involving different types of methodologies and issues related to markets, education, agriculture and governance. Her experience includes conducting Corporate Images Assessment studies, Brand Change Studies, Testing of Advertising Campaigns, Product Testing, Audit of Educational programs, Baseline and Post-Intervention Studies. Her participation in projects includes design of methodologies, field Work coordination and reporting.
Ivone Uchoane has a degree in Economics and currently attends a Masters in Development Economics at the University Eduardo Mondlane. She has over two years of experience as a socio-economic researcher allowing her to gain experience in: application of qualitative and participatory methodologies, statistical analysis tools, financial control of projects, and coordination of field teams. Additionally she has experience in conducting market research and studies related to resettlement and social impact assessments.
Arsénia Paulo is a Sociologist with 8 years of experience in management, coordination and logistics management of social economic studies and projects within education and health. She has a comprehensive knowledge of qualitative and quantitative data collection tools from the design to appliance hereof, including moderation of focus groups.  Ms Paulo has additionally experience in production of fieldwork reports and participation in program evaluation and she is a competent user of social research analysis software packages, such as SPSS.
Elias Zavale is a Chemical Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the area of design and database management in multilateral institutions, Governments, NGOs, and companies, especially in the context of socio-economic studies and market surveys. He has profound experience in collecting and managing qualitative and quantitative data in areas such as poverty reduction, agriculture, infrastructure, health, education and governance.
Miguel Mucavele has an Honors degree in Anthropology from the University Eduardo Mondlane, with three years of experience in data collection for qualitative and quantitative research. Currently he works as a Social Researcher at COWI, participating in evaluation studies of Social Impact and fieldwork coordination of social surveys covering various areas such as education, health, agriculture and governance.
Catarina Mavila has an honours degree in Social Anthropology. She has been working with COWI Mozambique since the beginning of 2014, where she has gained experience in the design of anthropological research projects and data collection, using participatory techniques for qualitative and quantitative research. Among other duties, she has been involved in studies of Simplified Environmental Impact Assessment, which has contributed to socio-economic descriptions of the project area. She also has been involved in studies of Social Impact Assessment and Evaluation of Cultural Heritage, which has contributed to the fieldwork for data collection and preparation of progress reports.

Euclides Zacarias is doing an honours degree in Information Technology (IT) and has more than 4 years of experience in development and management of databases working as a data base manager in the area of statistics, with particularly focus on socio-economic studies and market research. Additionally he has experience in data entry and coordination.

Elga Costley-White is the administrative core of the SES department. With nine years of experience within the area she has obtained in-depth experience within organization and logistics of fieldworks as well as for internal meetings, seminars, and workshops. She has a good knowledge of financial management and control of projects within in different areas such as, governance, market research, education, health, and resettlement. Additionally she is the main support for general administrative tasks such as: translation from Portuguese to English and vice versa, composing and editing of letters and reports among others, archiving, writing of minutes, and service to clients.

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