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Engineering, Environment and Water (EEW)


  • Natural resources inventories
  • Community development initiatives
  • Environmental education
  • Environmental assessments (complete and simplified environmental impact studies, strategic environmental studies)
  • Environmental management (exploration management plans and research, environmental management plans, environmental management systems)
  • Specialized studies (biodiversity, noise, air quality, water quality, traffic, soil, solid waste, health and safety)
  • Risk analysis
  • Monitoring and environmental inspections
  • Environmental audits.


  • Conducting feasibility studies
  • Implementation of preliminary projects and execution
  • Tender documents preparation and evaluation
  • Work supervisions
  • Technical audits and evaluations.

Water and Sanitation:

  • Feasibility studies, design and supervision of hydraulic infrastructures
  • Water resources management, including planning watershed
  • Project identification, formulation and evaluation in the above areas
  • Policies and program development, strategies and master plan formulation for the water sector
  • Capacity building and institutional development
  • Evaluation and impact of programs.

Seceted Projects

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