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Social and Economic Studies (SES)

​The SES department has experience in conducting surveys and social studies research using quantitative, qualitative, and participatory methods. Services include preliminary studies, socio-economic surveys, social impact and health assessments, beneficiary evaluation, resettlement action plans of public and private programs design, and implementation of and territorial planning studies.

Social Management and Resettlement in Infrastructure Projects:

  • Plans and resettlement policies design
  • Implementation of resettlement plans
  • Social impact studies
  • Cultural heritage studies
  • Social audits
  • Social and cultural management plans
  • Community development plans.

Social Studies and Large Scale Surveys:

  • Baseline studies
  • Studies and impact assessment
  • Beneficiaries assessment
  • Report cards
  • Panel studies
  • Nationwide surveys
  • Large sample surveys.

Social and Rural Development Studies:

  • Sectorial policy development and program design
  • Monitoring and evaluation of programs
  • Impact studies with focus on vulnerable groups
  • KAP studies (knowledge, attitudes and practices).

Urban and Territorial Planning:

  • Preparation and design of land use plans
  • General urban plans, partial and detailed ones
  • Design and evaluation of urban policies.

Economic and Market Studies:

  • Economic and financial analysis
  • Economic policy studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Market surveys.

Data Management:

  • Database design
  • Recruitment and training of digitizers
  • Data typing
  • Data entry forms
  • Data cleaning and data
  • Data tab (optional, depending on the characteristics of the project).

Selceted projects

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