COWI Limited - Uganda

COWI Limited's full time and project-based staff in Uganda offers consultancy services within primarily two business segments, namely Buildings and Roads.

COWI Limited in Uganda was initially established as a COWI A/S branch office in 1990.  The office was transformed into a fully registered Ugandan company on 1 January 2006. In 2010 it changed to be COWI Limited, to reflect its global nature.

COWI Limited has grown steadily with active participation in the development efforts of Uganda and especially within its core business areas.

Organisation and services

COWI Limited in Uganda has 15 full time employees and approximately 30 project-based staff and is organised in two major business units:

  • Transport – covering feasibility studies, designs, supervision services and design/build partnerships.
  • Building and Industries – covering design and supervision services related to a wide range of industrial and institutional buildings.

All services are interdisciplinary where necessary they link social, economics, environment, management and engineering disciplines.

Local presence, global knowledge

In addition to its local staff, COWI Limited in Uganda can draw on the expertise of the approximately 6,200 employees in the COWI Group, who are working close to their home markets around the world, but who are sharing their expertise within engineering, economics and the environment.

LAST UPDATED: 02.03.2017