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COWI Limited - Zambia has a strong local presence in Zambia where we offer consultancy services within many areas of engineering. By drawing on the international COWI Group, local partners or research institutions we also offer services within economics and the environment.

In 2004, COWI took over Interconsult (a Norwegian-based company) and as a result, Interconsult Zambia Limited became part of the COWI Group. Interconsult Zambia Ltd was renamed COWI Limited in 2005.

Service areas

The roads and water supply sectors have been the main focus areas and areas of work in recent years, but COWI Limited - Zambia also works within other key areas of engineering. We have projects ranging from feasibility studies, design and planning over construction supervision, project management to rural and social development.

Local staff, global knowledge

COWI Limited- Zambia, which has approximately 25 staff members, works within the framework of the COWI Group – an international consultancy group employing more than 6,000 experts within he fields of engineering, economics and the environment.

Strategic alliances

COWI Limited- Zambia has also forged strategic alliances with other regional and international consulting firms, resulting in the delivery of highly specialised skills where necessary.

In addition, we cooperate with a number of regional and local consulting firms, individuals and research institutions who are highly specialised within different fields of engineering.

Working with local partners

COWI Limited - Zambia mainly executes projects in Zambia by local staff and/or in cooperation with other national consultants. Assistance and support is also received from the other COWI offices in the region and/or internationally.

We consider it crucial to cooperate closely with our customers while maintaining effective communication with beneficiaries and the local population.

LAST UPDATED: 04.07.2017