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Interconsult Zimbabwe

Interconsult Zimbabwe draws on its local experience from its long presence in Zimbabwe and its access to global knowledge from the COWI Group to offer technical and environmental consulting services to both private and public sectors and international donors.

Interconsult Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd (ICZ) has played a significant role in the development of infrastructure in Zimbabwe since its inception in 1992 as an offshoot of the Norwegian Interconsult International A/S. With COWI's acquisition of Interconsult A/S in 2004, COWI A/S became a shareholder of Interconsult Zimbabwe.

Local presence, global knowledge

The connection with COWI A/S provides Interconsult Zimbabwe with direct access to the vast technical resource base of the European conglomerate. In addition, the relationship with COWIA/S has further expanded Interconsult Zimbabwe's capability to offer a wider scope of services to the regional and local markets, which include advisory roles in the financial and economic sectors as well as the technical assistance domain.

Service areas

Interconsult Zimbabwe has a wide clientele base drawn from the public and private sectors, as well as the international donor community. Its involvement in engineering developments covers most of the major cities in Zimbabwe.

Since its inception, Interconsult Zimbabwe has become one of the most established locally controlled consulting engineering firms in Zimbabwe, offering a wide range of services spanning the complete development cycle from master plans and feasibility studies, through detailed design, project management and construction supervision to commissioning.

Interconsult Zimbabwe has a proven capacity to provide technical consulting services in the following engineering fields:

  • Infrastructure development master plans
  • Water supply systems, including intake works, treatment plants, pumping plant, pipelines and large water retaining structures
  • Wastewater systems, including trunk sewers, sewage treatment works, sewage pump stations and sludge disposal
  • Township development infrastructure complete with roads and drainage, water supply  and sewage reticulation systems
  • Major transportation infrastructure including trunk roads and bridges
  • Engineering survey
  • High and medium rise buildings
  • Industrial structures.

In addition to its engineering expertise, Interconsult Zimbabwe has provided ground-breaking services within environmental management on the environmental impact assessment of one of the largest water projects in Zimbabwe, as well as on several electricity power sector projects. 

Interconsult Zimbabwe has also spearheaded integrated water resources management in major regional basins in successful partnerships with international firms, offering a variety of services as required for the formulation of basin-wide development strategies.

Local staff and resources

Interconsult Zimbabwe's office is fully equipped to support its professional members of staff, including visiting internationals. The advanced computing and internet facilities, fully networked, with Windows LAN workstations, laser and colour printers provide an ideal business environment for the delivery of high quality services. Interconsult Zimbabwe operates state-of-the-art engineering and project management software capable of efficiently solving a wide range of engineering problems, ensuring the timely delivery of services. Other facilities include advanced survey equipment, transport and efficient telecommunications facilities.

Strategic alliances

Interconsult Zimbabwe has forged strategic alliances with other regional and international consulting firms enabling it to undertake and successfully deliver complex international projects. The success of these alliances is reflected in the repeated commissioning on similar projects by regional clients.

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